Monthly Archives: May 2014

Retrospective – Jagged Alliance 2

This is an old article from my old site With the upcoming release of Jagged Alliance: Back in action, and Jagged Alliance online, I thought I might take a few moments, to talk to you all about, possibly my favourite … Continue reading


Games Piracy – As Bad as Everyone Thinks?

This is an old article from 2011 from my old site Whilst in my car yesterday on my way to work listening to BBC Radio 1 (well there goes half my audience.). I came across a news story about … Continue reading


DeusEx: Human Revolution – Review

So Deus Ex:HR has been out for a while now, and as I sit here staring at the retail box, with its orangy glow, and its PC Games Editors Choice award, I end up thinking to myself. What has happend … Continue reading