DeusEx: Human Revolution – Review

So Deus Ex:HR has been out for a while now, and as I sit here staring at the retail box, with its orangy glow, and its PC Games Editors Choice award, I end up thinking to myself. What has happend to the games industry. Back in the day a 90% from PC gamer, or an editors choice award, made me dash out and want to buy a game instantly, and dreaming of the old days thats exactly what I did. And for a while I was happy.

Deus Ex the original is one of my fondest gaming memorys, a mate and I poured what seems like hundreds of hours into that game, agonizing over each augmentation choice, over what line of dialogue to use, about stealthing the way through a level, or just dropping in from on high, and rocket launching everything to death. I loved that game, and when the second itteration rolled around, Deus Ex: Invisable War, I was disapointed to say the least. So when I saw Deus Ex:HR announced, I was excited, hopefully, they could drag all the excitement from the original into a new fancy engine, and rather than mess with how things worked, ala Invisable war, they could improve on it. When the game starts, your cast as one Adam Jenson, a security contractor for Serif Industrys, a large biotech firm run by an enigmatic David Sarif.


After the Serif HQ is attacked, and some of the scientests killed, you are left broken and bleeding on the floor.It suffices to say that you dont die, and are infact turned into an “Augment”, basicly someone who has parts of their body replaced with nano tech. Lots of Augs to choose Lots of Augs to choose From that pont on, the story weaves its way through multiple consiprisys and excitement. Now dont go into this game expecting an open world game, your missions are usally of the go here, get infomration from person A, return to mission giver. How you go about getting to the information, and how you get the information is really where this game shines. Say for instance you need to get some information, that a person is carrying on them, the easist way to get that information is to walk in, kill them and their bodygaurds and take the info.


Or you could sneak past the gaurds, taze the bad guy loot his stunned body, and walk away. Or you could sneak in, hack the security console, make the turrets target the bad guys, sit back and wait while they are gunned down, and take the information. As you can see most of the fun of the game comes from thiking up new and exciting ways of using the enviroment, and your augs to play the game in the way you want, you are never forced to do something a single way, you can if you want always walk in with a grenande launcher, and blow shit up, or you can be passive all the way through, and only ever knock people unconsios. This brings me to one of the two things that really disapointed me with DeusEx:HR, the combat. As ever in this day and age, you dont seem to be able to have a FPS/3rd person hybrid without the inclusion of chest high walls, and yes ladies and gents, chest high walls are here in force. When your not in cover (and by in coverI mean not dry humping a chest high wall) the game plays out in normal FPS click to kill style, but get up close to wall and tap the cover button, and the game swaps to over the sholder 3rd person.


This is where the combat starts to break down, I found myself using nothing but a scilenced pistol all the way through the game, I would come into a room, find a wall, swap to third person, and simply snipe with the pistal, the fact its scilenced, just means the dying enemy attracts his mates into my kill zone, and 1 2 3, they all go down to well aimed headshots. Why I here you ask, if that pissed you off did you not try it another way, well on the times I did, I got MAULED. When an enemy is not alerted, a single headshot from a pistol will put them down, as soon as they get a whiff of you skulking about, that jumps to 2 or 3, so if you run in all guns blazing, you tend to get outflanked and shot to shit. Maybe thats just me, not being a good gamer, but I found the only way to stay alive was to chest high wall hump all the way to the end game. Not that I ever actually got to the end game, brining me neatly to point two on my Deus Ex:HR disapointment list.


The damn boss fights, now this has been written about alot in the media, and Square have even appologied, but when a team spends as long as they do making up ways for you to compleate every level, about 400 diffrent ways, it seems a little lazy to make the boss fights only compleatable by having a certain gun, or aug, so unfortunatly, im stuck on a boss fight with nothing but a pistol, and no augs, and no matter what I do, I cant beat it, and to me, thats the worse sin any game, that makes choice an integral part of it, can ever make, having a level so rigidly structured that it can only be beaten by either screwing with the game mechanics, or buy having made the “correct” choices further back down the road. So what do I like about Deus Ex:HR, well the GFX are amazing, the enviroments are richly textured, and the voice acting is great, outside of cutsceans the animation is amazing. At times though during cutseanes, the animation lets everything down, Jensen stands their with his arms folded the whole time, even when he is having a heart to heart, and to me, it just ruins the wonderfull cinematography of the rest of the game. Audio is also very good, the weapons sound meaty, peoples death screams sound realistic, and not too hollywood. In closing, while its not the sequal I was hoping for, it does contain around 20-30 hours worth of enjoyment, and bar the boss fights, those hours are generally enjoyable. If your a massive fan of the original, be warned that it doesnt play quite the same, and expect some disapointment with the simplyfied aug system, but overall worth a go.


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